Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Weird Ass Dream

** I'm sure this is full of typos but learn to deal with it **

I was at Erinn and Michael's house, and then they decided to go to some play party thing, and we all got into this minivan and started driving down the road in reverse. I was wondering why the hell we were driving in reverse and then we started going on this mountain road with lots of bridges and it was like a roller coaster and we were still in reverse and she was driving way to fast for a minivan in reverse on a mountain road.
Then I was in my room. There was this storm coming. My dad and sister were in here, and I was getting my laptop and hard drive and putting it in my bag to take with me to the basement so it wouldn't get destroyed. Just then it started to clear up. I said that that's what always happens when the tornado is about to hit. So I said we have to hurry because it's about to drop back down.
Next I was in this like class room. Everyone has an iBook and a tablet pc. On the tablet pc's they had photoshop and they had AIM and some other stuff on the iBooks. Then someone switched iBooks with me and logged out and I just did something on the computer.
Then I was in this dessert, and there was this space race. There were spaceships and aliens all racing close to the ground. Then I turned into this other person, jumped over this canyon and told this alien that I needed his space ship, and I stole it. Then I was inside the space ship, except it was in the 3rd person view, and there were these two aliens. One walked up and was talking to the other one about how things used to be and the other one played along, and then knocked him out a window because they were not friends anymore.
Then I was in this diner/resturant place. It was a little darker in there. There was this black woman with some other black people and I was with Erin and Michael and Steff I think, with some other people. We were eating and then there was this like 2 dials in the corner of the room and it brought up these coffin type things. Then we were going to leave or something but I wanted a refill, so I dumped the glass and got some more except that I needed the koolaid mix, and the packs were by the black people. So I went over,grabbed two and they just stared at me, and I left.
Then I was with this girl and we were making out and she wrote ' Fiona was here ' or ' This is Fioan'a ' on the crotch of my pants. Then someone noticed it and said something.
Then I was at this church and I was painting the top of the wall next to the roof white, and they were playing a game show or something below and I was on a ladder. Then it turned into my grandparents house and I got down the ladder and walked to the porch, and it was getting a little darker. Then someone jumped off a roof and landed on the driveway, it turned out to be Conan Obrien. Then we decided we were going to throw him off the roof again except make him land in this box of bouncy bead/balls things. They were REALLY small, and they were see through, like the Ice Brakers Liquid Ice. So we filled this box with MILLIONS of them, and then they started bouncing back out of the box and started bouncing up real far in the air and it started raining them and they were all bouncing everywhere, so I got my camera and started taping it. Then I took a picture and it was dark by then. We left in the truck somewhere and we stopped on this road and my dad said, ' this is the part where it smells' and I'm like why the hell did we stop here then? Then we were going to this tunnel and I was going to take a picture of this house on the mountain but it was too late.
Then we were on this roller coaster and I started laughing real hard about arguing with the guy that operates the roller coaster about letting me take my camera with me. I told him that I could hold onto it for real, but when I was on it I dropped it and it killed three people and someone in a Mickey Mouse costume.
Then I was in this room, I was looking at these clothes and stuff on the floor, and somehow I ended up controlling a mouse cursor that floated around the room. I was hitting buttons somewhere, and it was making clothes on a rack go closer together, and it made the ceiling fan stop, so I right clicked on the ceiling fan and turned it back on. Then there was this weird bug that was flying around and it landed on the floor. It was a BLUE PILL with wings, and eyes and a mouth like a bug, but it had the body of a liquid blue pill. So, I hit it and knocked it out to take a picture of it. But my stupid camera was messing up, and it started moving again, so I hit it again and the blue gooze inside started to come out it's ass and then it flew away.
That's all I remember.


I felt compelled to post this image I drew :


That is all.


Sigh, this sucks. I cannot go to sleep. It's either too hot, or too cold, and I got this stupid song stuck in my head, which I think it turning into a headache. That's just great. Anyways. Back to thinking about how great sleep is....


New blog. Really haven't been on the blogging scene in a long while. I generally like to keep a low profile as far as personal stuff goes, especially when everyone can see it. So, I guess I just won't make it too personal. Probably won't even end up keeping this long. So, I dunno....

Thinking about just dropping off the face of the planet sometimes. I really hate waiting on things. I just want this year to be over with. College in January, with any luck. I'll know at least a few friends going. I dunno. I am done typing for now, so bleh.